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The picturesque city of Conception is 15 minutes from the city of Huancayo in the department of Junin.

The distance Lima – Concepcion is 274 km (Lima-Oroya 170 km/ Oroya - Concepcion 104 km) by the Central Road (5 hours 30 minutes by car approximately) by raiil (10 hours) by airplane) 45 minutes

During your staying at our Loma Verde Hotel, you can visit the main attractions of the city such as:

  • The Mirador de Concepcion;
  • San Jeronimo, known for its silver jewellery;
  • Ingenio, a beautiful natural place where the trout hatchery,
  • Sanctuary Warivilca,
  • the Convent of Ocopa,
  • among others which will make its way through Concepcion a great adventure.

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